Recruiting For Sales Staff in Cloud Vendors

The incredible pace of transition into cloud computing is still speeeding up and we are seeing massive companies like Sales Force for example, growing out of the sector.

As with all things these days, the rate of change is breathtaking. We are also seeing existing companies, like Oracle moving many offerings to cloud based platforms.

Unique Recruitment Market Place

However, one of the unique things that appears to be happening in this market is the number of start ups and mid-market sized operations on the vendor market place. My feeling is this comes from such a wide variation of servcies being required by users.

Put this all into a big bowl and mix it up and you have an incredible and ever increasing demand for skills. Now, clearly, over time the market will evolve and change, and new innovation may end the cliud computing era. But, for the time being it is where everyone is going and demand is huge.

Why Cloud Solutions Make Sense

Of course, it makes absoklute sense to leverage the economies of scale of huge corporations like Sales Force to store and keep safe your data. And, I think that saving for most businesses is part of what has driven cloud growth. Also the ability to deliver SaaS solutions, that again offer a massive price advantage over old hard drive software solutions.

It’s a heady mix and as I said, means the demand for key skills is difficult to keep pace with.

This is what Jon Eyers of specialist Sales and Pre-sales recruiter Harvey Thomas finds.

“We specialise in pre and post sales, as well as sales and asscoiated functions in the mid-range vendor and start up

Jon Eyers

market”, he says, “we are seeing incredible growth and high levels of competition between clients to hire what they regard as the best talent in the cloud and software as a service markets”.

“It’s like gazumping in the housing market”, he smiles, “we are seeing customers depserate to hire, specifically in Customer Success Recruiter and Professional Services recruitment“.

“And, of course, that means they are prepared to make, let’s just say “interesting” offers to get the talent they so urgently need”.

Is there a shortage of talent then?

“Interesting question”, he laughs, “I could be a contrary and say “yes” and “no”. What I think is that there is a training challenge as opposed to an outright shortage of good candidates. There are plenty of outstanding pre-sales, customer success and software engineers out there for sure. It’s just not so many have skills in the cloud or SaaS environment. Everyone seems to think there are pre-requsities, but the proper training program could deliver top notch skills to fill the plethora of vacancies…and at a lower price”.

Dangerous Strategy?

“Of course, the danger of that is, you spend a fortune training the people up and they then get headhunted once they have 12-18 months experindce. it’s a fine line. But I think as a client, if you take this route, you need to be prepared to offer market comparable salaires once the trained staff member is fully up to speed. You can’t view this as a cost saving exercise, but rather a strategic way of addressing your skills shortage”.

Where do you see your recruitment and jobs market going in both the short and longer term.

The Future Of The Market

“In the short term, I think it will be more of the same. economic indicators seem good, despite the Brexit doom and gloom merchants and certainly services generally are steaming ahead. We had more vacancies in 2016 than ever before, so I definitely see that trend continuing”.

“Longer term we do have Brexit to deal with and as I mentioned, we don;t need these doom and gloom merchants talking GB plc down. We are strong economically in my opinion and we will make a good job of Brexit and remain strong. From the market;s perspective, I see more and more innovation and technological breakthrough. This will drive the skills envelope further still and we, as recruiters, will need to be ever more resourceful to meet our clients’ needs”.

Do you enjoy the challenge?

“Oh, yes, very much so, we have great clients, it’s a vibrant market and I love it – long may it continue.

You can find Harvey Thomas at the following web address

The Business Of Wedding Planning

Calm Down, Relax, Grab a Glass of Fizz and Allow a Specialized Wedding Co-ordinator Run Your Big Day!

It’s the way many couples are going these days. And, as the world becomes ever more complicated and awkward to deal with (how long do we spend stuck in automated telephone menu systems), you can understand why.

The Time Taken To Organise a Wedding

The average wedding uses some 400 hours of organizing and planning, according to topical surveys. That is a lot of anyone’s time and effort. And if you both have jobs it’s tough to find that time in order to get everything organised.

Each aspect has to be examined and agreed, like flowers for the ceremony and relations, wedding breakflast food selection requirements, chairs, outfits and, needless to say, wedding event site and somewhere for the wedding party and guests to stay overnight.

There’s no end of tasks to manage, as well as ensuring everything happens at the precise time and in the right location!

Finding A Wedding Planner

In spite of this, there is an awesome approach to making the all-ranging task much simpler by finding a practiced wedding coordinator to do all the organisation details so that you, your fiance or fiancee and your relations and friends will enjoy the day with no unneeded stress.

There is no doubt that today making use of wedding coordinators is expanding quickly.

Utilising a wedding planning service is absolutely on most of young couples’ wishlists. However, you may not know it but an expert wedding organising service may be easier to employ than you think. There’s little question, every bride would love the chance to enjoy the benefits of a wedding planning consultant, and in this day and age it may just be simpler and easier than you believe to hire one.

Total Knowledge

A wedding counselor will, naturally, like to be aware of the extent, kind and event location of your wedding and any special design you require – so if you haven’t any inspiration yet, they can as a rule give you several encouraging potential designs for the mode and presentation of your best day ever.

When a wedding coordinator is familiar with your unique criteria for the special day and the sort of occasion you would like to have, they can give you an idea of the range of services that are accessible and the price – as a rule of thumb, you can select from entire event preparation, partial event planning and wedding day-only co-ordinating on the big day.

Cost Control Of Your Wedding

Confirm the cost of employing a wedding planner before you engage them and make certain that they function within your budget scope during the whole procedure, or check with you if expenditure alter because of last-minute modifications and altering requirements.

Wedding planning coordinators can ask for a percentage of the whole budget for the wedding as their fee, or they may give you a set cost limit, over which they do not charge you.

Look at the many rewards of allowing a professional to wedding organiser and planner to take control of your special occasion by going to this site to see more information and see how you can truly make the best day of your life the best day ever.

Why Is Digital Marketing Growing So Fast

chris-masonThere is absolutely no doubt that the growth of Digital Marketing has become exponential.

The massive growth of Amazon, Facebook and Google are the clearest evidence possible of the upward trend. But if you’d looked at Amazon just fifteen years ago, an online bookstore that was losing hundreds of thousands of dollars every day, you would not be able to believe what Amazon has transformed into today. In such a short time.

Today Amazon, along with Big G and FB dominate the eCommerce landscape. Yes Amazon is a store, but Google and Facebook drive eCommerce via their every more complex ad platforms that allow almost every company selling online to sell their wares and build customer bases.

Massive Move To eCommerce

It’s also true that virtually every major brand is now building a huige eCommerce presence on the web with “c lick and collect” now being a fact of life.

And I think it is the advances in online payment systems that allow people to feel safe buying online that has allowed this transformation to take place in such a short space of time.

“I think this is absolutely the case” says Chris Mason of Digital Recruitment Agency London based Intelligent People, “the pace of advancement and added stability and security in the technology is absolutely the driving force behind the massive move to online sales”.

Stable and Robust Technology Is Key

“If you think about it”, he continues, “until you have the stable, robust and safe technology in place people are not going to adopt. But once that happens, it’s like a perfect storm allowing online sales to take off. And, of course once that starts to happen and companies realise it’s becoming more important to overall turnover…they are going to employ even more advanced technology to try to maximise their slice of the eCommerce cake”.

It’s intriguing isn’t it?

Changing Job Functions

“Absolutely”, Chris says, “we are seeing an incredible demarcation of job functions going on. Even five years ago the role of a specilialist growth hacker didn’t exist. Now the big players want to extract every ounce of advantage from the tools available. If they see a competitor doing something differently they will analyse, reverse engineer and implement if it suits and brings benefit to them”.

“We’re also seeing areas such as loyalty marketing jobs come through strongly. That is to say, helping customers become brand loyal through online media. These Guys often cross over with the socail meida teams extensively as the two are inextricably linked. But the bottom line is that it is a case of using every possible tool in the Digital marketing armoury to achieve increased sales”.

Business Is Good

So, how is business for Intelligent People at the moment?

“Yes, very good indeed” he smiles, “we’re seeing record levels of vacancies, especially at the higher end of the market. We are tending to try to focus on management and directorial vacancies nowadays, but we have a number of consultants who still love doing the growth hacker jobs, email markteing vacancies etc. But we find we are looking for more and more eCommerce Director Jobs, Chief Customer Officer Vacancies and also higher level Product Management roles as well”.

So being a Digital Recruitment Agency London is good business these days then?

“Yes, very much so”, he smiles again and fin ishes his coffee.

Many thanks for your time and insights Chris, it’s much appreciated.

“My pleasure”, he replies.

You can find Intelligent People by clicking the link.

Window Tinting A Great Business Model

Glass Tinting Might Dramatically Alter Any Residence, Commercial Building Office and Car!

window-colour-effectA bold statement, but true! And window tinting is big business these days as witnessed by Tintmaster in leafy Hertfordshire in the U.K.

For example, did you realize that you can transform the style of your home, place of work and car instantly, easily and inexpensively by using a shaded film on the window glass? Don’t buy pre-tinted glass, but get film applied to your glass. It’s cheaper, but just as effective and this is the USP Martin uses to “sell” his services.

Many Applications

Colouring window glass brings loads of applications in buildings including typically the potential to provide privacy in garage or first-floor windows in your residence or to assembly rooms and office spaces in the workplace by utilizing an opaque film on the exterior of the glass in minutes.

You do not have to have ostentatious tinted windows previously built in your car – just tint them inexpensively and easily!

In Your Car

If you tint the glass in your vehicle, you also give yourself and your family privacy specially when driving on the lghighway, so you don’t have cause to be concerned about keeping belongings in full sight in your car, and anyone traveling in your car can be somewhat hidden if you’re temporarily caught in a traffic slowdown, or simply going from one place to another.

Several organizations make use of non-see-through glass pane film at work zones to boost their workers’ focus and efficiencies by minimizing visibility of interview spaces, personal enclosed locations and kitchen or recreation places, so slashing the threat of staff disruption.

Colouring the work space windows and glass walls in business emblem hues is a further popular design use for tinting windows.

Office Or Municipal Buildings

Window glass in a municipal building – such as a high school, college or hospice – might not always be built with safety glass, yet you could enhance windows with safety film, which maintains jagged shards of smashed glass in one piece, attached to the film, in case of of damage or fracturing.

Safety Film

Placing a clear layer of sticky film on glass could allow you to meet present-day security building legislation without the necessity to get rid of a window and replace it using safety glass. this is probably the most cost effective as safety glass is expensive. Add safety film and your glass fully meets industrial Regulation 14 for safety glass in the workplace.

Go here to learn some good information concerning the topic of enjoying the benefits of a specialized window tinting provider to completely transform your residence, workplace and car.

To con tact Tintmaster you can visit their website at the following link

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Why are Case Studies Important to a Business Marketing Strategy


Four entrepreneurs at a meeting

Before you are to learn more about business case studies and reviews, it is important that you understand the difference between the two approaches. So what are the difference? Keep in mind that business reviews are not the same as a case study. Conducting a case study are more on the in-depth experiences both by the customer and the business marketer and the business itself. marketingdigitalMoreover, a business review is base on the clients or customer’s experience towards the services that have been offered to them. This is crucial because your business also depends on the rating that you will receive from your clients. The better the feedback

If one of your strategies is to market a product that you think can be of benefit to your customers, before you’re going to do that, it is important that you understand your consumer. What are the factors that you need to know before you are to market your product? This is the best time that you are going to have a case study. Although it may sound simple and the answer is very obvious, it is still vital that you have to know how they would feel and even think if you are in the shoes of your consumer. Here are few of the following that you need to think of as a probable decision to your consumers:

It assists you in choosing for a company- consumers go for a company that they can benefit and gives them the assurance that quality service is guaranteed once they commit to the service. So it is important that you are to meet their expectation as your valued customers.

The value of information- consumers would always love to have an update with regards to the products that you are selling, or anything that pertains to your website. It is important that you give out information to your clients and customers. This is also an indication that you value them.

Deciding on two or more companies- consumers always have the dilemma of choosing which is the best company that they would choose. They have to deal with the pros and cons, and at the same time read more on the business reviews section, for them to weigh their options as to which company they would most likely to prefer.


How does a case stubrandingdy support your brand?

This is relatively connected to those who are having new business ventures. The exposure of your brand and reputation will have a high result when you’re listed on the marketing sale strategy. Customers also would go for a more reputable company because they are on the trend rather than those who are still a novice to the business. However, case studies give opportunities to grow as a business because It can give you a brief study as to how you’re doing well with your performance with regards to products and consumers satisfaction, as well as your continuity when it comes to selling.
One proof of the result of having a case study is showing or selling your products through advertising using a video on the social media. People will be able to see and reach out for you if you have displayed, and at the same time an on point marketing strategy. Do not disregard this because it can help you achieve your goals in becoming successful.

Lastly, it is crucial that you make an effort in gaining the trust to your clients and customers. This type of relationship would mean a lot of value as you are not only investing in your business, but also having a good return on investment by having unlimited customers passing through and forth.